Automobile cargo transportation in Russia

Automobile cargo transportation in Far East region

Delivery of general cargo

Transportation of oversized cargo

Automobile cargo transportation

Cargo transportation by road

Since the roads cross the territory of any country, pass through every town, automobile transportation is an optimal solution for the delivery of any cargo.

The benefits of delivery by road

  • The efficiency of the work. The speed of the truck transportation in comparison with transportation by plane or train is increasing because it is not necessary to coordinate with delivery schedule of planes and trains, and no need to do double work (loading, unloading);
  • Versatility of automobile transportation. This advantage is expressed in a variety of transported goods: piece, bulk, solid, liquid and general cargo;
  • Favorable ratio of speed - the price.  Cargo transportation by road although inferior in speed, but have lower cost. Choosing a reasonable balance efficiency - the price will reduce transport costs by almost a third.

Road transport in the regions

In addition to the maritime sphere of activity Shipping company “Gudzon” performs cargo transportation by road. Delivery of goods is carried out in the far East region throughout Russia. When calculating the cost of shipping takes into account the following factors:

  • tonnage, type of cargo, type of container;
  • mileage;
  • the scope of delivery;
  • the location of loading.

To reduce the cost of transportation logistics experts of our company will choose a cost-effective route that will help to reduce delivery times.

Types of goods transported by the company:

  • bulk, pieces (general);
  • hazardous;
  • oversized cargo (their dimensions with the vehicle exceed the existing standards), transport of usual transport is not available;
  • general cargo.

Delivery of cargo by vehicles is indispensable in the territories in which another form of transportation is impossible. All services are provided by experienced drivers under the current regulations and legislation. Our experienced logistics experts will select the best and cost-effective route.