Multimodal transportation;

Delivery of the general cargo, dangerous goods, heavy, oversized cargo and oil;

Unloading on unequipped shore;

Delivery in Magadan, Anadyr, Sakhalin, Kamchatka, Magadan, Anadyr.

Maritime cargo transportation

Maritime cargo transportation  is the main specialization of the shipping company “Gudson”. This type of transportation is extremely popular because it has affordable rates, large capacity,  and high security is guaranteed.

Transportation may be provided by combining sea, rail and road modes of transport. This allows delivering the cargo to any point of the Earth with minimal effort. Containers and other cargoes can be delivered by water transport  from China, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, the United States, Korea and from most ports in Russia.

Services provided by shipping company “Gudson”:

  • Multimodal transportation;
  • Work with the general cargo, hazardous, heavy, oversized cargo and oil;
  • Unloading on unequipped shore;
  • Delivery in Magadan, Anadyr, Sakhalin, Kamchatka, the ports of the Eastern sector of the Arctic, the Asia-Pacific region.

The benefits of international Maritime transport

Large tonnage ships, modern lifting equipment and moderate fuel consumption for transportation — all this allows to significantly lower tariffs, to minimise the transportation cost of each separate thing. International sea routes for today are the most affordable option of transportation.

Practice shows that it is very cost-effective to make customs clearance at ports. There is no need to contact the customs carriers, the cargo is cleared straight to the final delivery point. Shipping company "Gudson" provides continuous control over the movement of cargo.

The reasons for the popularity of container traffic

Indicators of cargo safety in international and domestic container transport are maximum. One of the reasons - a low accident rate compared to land transport. Goods placed in sealed containers and locked in the holds. Theft, loss or unintentional corruption of products become impossible.

In areas with abnormal climate or severe weather conditions the most desirable option of transportation is just container ships. Shipping company "Hudson" provides a fast and inexpensive delivery of containerized cargoes large and medium-tonnage and oversized items.

Thanks to the compact storage of the goods on loading and unloading costs greatly reduced. In addition, the containers have a better shape, so the probability is low idle.