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Rail transportation of containers

Shipping company “GUDSON" provides container rail transport for delivery of any products: food, electronics, vehicles, building materials and many other things using all types of transport.

The use of rail transport in container traffic is largely generates turnover of the country. This strategic direction is one of the most profitable.

The advantages of container transportation by railway:

  • the use of special containers in which goods are all the way without unpacking in adapted containers;
  • independence of the cost of delivery of goods to the season;
  • affordable cost of services compared with air and road transport;
  • high speed of delivery;
  • accurate predictions of time of the cargo at any point of destination and completion;
  • the safety of goods, including through the use of special containers corresponding to the type of cargo.

Imported goods are granted customs clearance and insurance, certification of goods.

Rail transportation of containers with shipping company “GUDSON"

All kinds of goods can be delivered by our shipping company “GUDSON"at any point of the country  in a short time thanks to the adjusted schemes and routes of delivery.

A huge number of goods that are on transit point in Vladivostok from Asia, are distributed by mode of transport and delivered to the final recipient. We offer railway transport of goods in containers from Vladivostok to all the major cities of the country. If necessary, we carry out container transportations in the opposite direction using the Express trains.

The client receives a tailored optimal route of goods in railway containers. Employment in the maritime terminals is controlled by qualified staff, provided customs, insurance registration. After the necessary customs procedures for cargo is sent to the recipient.

Shipping company “GUDSON" provides timely delivery of any goods by means of a clear and coordinated work of highly qualified staff, great partnerships, experience in dealing with any difficulties in the process of delivery.